Who am I...?

My name is Emilia! I am a trans-girl, who is doing her best to make the best of the world. I like to code things, make art, and create content for VRChat! I am also always wanting to improve some things in the world, where others give up normally.

I started programming back around 2010, when I got a copy of Visual Basic 2008. The majority of my programs were as basic as a web browser in a form, but seeing the potential of coding inspired me to learn many new programming languages. My first major coding project was my Discord bot, Metal Yoshi. It was my first experience with Javascript, and many more complex coding projects, and it helped me really learn the ropes of programming.

My most major project has been emmVRC, a mod for VRChat that helps to improve various quirks in the game, and provide users with many useful features. It's been my first major C# project, and it has helped me to learn many more important skills, such as asynchronous code.

I have a fascination with vintage computers. My first retro computer was a PowerBook 3400c, and I've been collecting a lot of them for a while now. I hope to be bringing some of my projects to light soon, but if you're looking for a retro looking site to try out on Internet Explorer 4 or Netscape Navigator, try out my retro-styled website! I am also looking to preserve ancient software that has long since been abandoned, especially hard-to-find utilities and disks. So stay tuned for some old software preservation, coming SOON™.

I've also started drawing recently, and getting better at art! I use Medibang for my artwork, and I used to draw with a mouse, but I now use a Huion Inspiroy H640p drawing tablet. I am hoping to get started with animation at some point in the future, when I have more free time to practice. I have done animations in Flipnote Studio before, but I have yet to do a full-scale animation with multiple characters.