Hello World… for real this time!

Finally, I have brought my new site to the foreground. It took this long, because the website was intrinsically bound to the emmVRC project. Furthermore, emmVRC was running on the same server as the website, leading to serious issues when load was involved. Starting today, these have all been fixed, and emmVRC should now be working better than it ever did before. I also have a lot more freedom and ease of use with updating my website, which means that there’s more incentive to do so as well!

This website will be dedicated mostly to both my art, as well as my technology adventures. This could be anything from IBM 5150s to the cutting edge of computer hardware. I’m also really into video games and the technical aspects behind them, so don’t be surprised if I toss in some cool game-related projects, especially as I start to learn more about developing for the 6502 and 68000 CPUs!

That’ll be it for now. For all of you coming in, welcome, and enjoy your stay!

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